Bolivia Caranavi

Bolivia Caranavi

Certified Organic & Certified Smithsonian Bird Friendly & Direct Trade

Tasting notes

Medium roast: Caramel, citrus, and milk chocolate notes, complex, creamy and velvety.


Caranavi, Bolivia

Growing Altitude

1,600m-1,700m asl


100% Typica

Processing Method

Fully Washed, Patio Dried



The Story

This cooperative is comprised of all indigenous people that are native to the land on the edge of the Andes mountains, and bordering the Rainforest and Jungle of the Amazon. The land next to their farms is government protected land, and the indigenous groups have decided to treat their land as if it were protected as well.The coffee is hand picked and depulped at the farm, then travels eight hours to the city of El Alto and finishes the drying process. El Alto is over 13,000 ft above sea level, and much drier, allowing for a more stable drying process. This coffee is certified organic, and certified Smithsonian Bird Friendly.